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Carburetta ("Carbs") - Hot Rod Dogs & Cool Car Cats

An image I believe very few people are mad enough to even do, and less are mad enough to do it without it being a crap joke.

Carbs was the heroine of a Cartoon series that was a joint deal between the Scottish STV Productions, Mike Young Productions, Dave Edwards Studio and Rainbow Animation Group.. So we get a British series with American cast and a mix of styles.. worked well too..

Anyway.. the characters? well.. Part Animal (mostly Dogs and Cats), Part Cars. They were furry, they were shown to be able to reproduce, They were shown to be taken apart as spare parts and get replacement parts.. a Total Mix.

Oh and if anyone notices, This image is basically Anal.. Making the show (which lasted 2 Series) a bit.. erotic, cause Exhausts were shown a lot. Carbs was also voiced by the great Russi Taylor (Webby in Ducktales among other things).

Hope you like this weird one.. Wasn't 100% impressed with my work on the guy though..

FFTikal2013.png TikalFurryB.png HRD_CCC_Carbs.png GX_Duel_Jamm.png GX_Duel_Jamm.png

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Vanja   [Apr 25, 2013 at 05:56 AM]
Not familiar with that show...still, nice pic! Wink

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