This is a standard thing that says this is an adult site and that if you want to view Adult art then you are free to come in BUT if you are under-age in your area (18 in the UK, 21 in some places in the US, god knows what in others places but you should know in your area) then don't enter! It is bad! BAD BAD BAD BAD BAD! I can't figure out WHY you would want to come in here at all.. When you are under-age you should watch little kiddy badly drawn TV shows which show all the time on them dumb channels. They are meant to say to kids 'HEY we think you are stupid and guess what? we are right! Though they do have the odd really cute gal in them. So if you are old enough to enter and have seen this shows, sometimes you might see this gals in a new cute light.. though probably not. Either way remember this, When Under-age, Adult stuff is bad! When Above age, it's very very good!

If you enter the site, you can view my non art stuff which is pretty fine for kids, though i wouldn't suggest inviting them. However, to view my Adult Stuff, you will need to spend a couple of seconds creating a free account. This is done to help cut down spam and keep things good around here.

So If you are okay and legal to enter Click below
If you are below age, go to some kiddy place.. I wouldn't know where..

It should ALSO be pointed out that ALL adult art on this site depicts people ABOVE the legal age. If you think a girl needs to be above a set height or have large breasts to be an adult, then you are one sick puppy with rose tinted glasses.