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About Tempy
Name: Tempy
Gender: Male
Age: Don`t make me have to keep updating this.. Born June 1985.. Work it out yourself
Nationally: English
Location: East Sussex, England

Pet Likes: Morals, People that truly believe in something
Pet Peeves: Paysites that use copyrighted characters/non original without owners permission

Feature that most annoys people: Sense of Ethics/Morals

Favourite Characters: Tikal Echidna, Cadbury`s Caramel Bunny
Work Mediums: Drawn Art, Digital Art, Animation, Flash Games
Styles: Cute, Colourful, Softcore, Light Comedy, Furry, Sizing

Works of Note

Code 69 - Comic Series
An on-going ERO-MANIA Comic series featuring Izanami as a Police Officer on the Planet Remona. Assigned to Section 3, a department set up to deal with Sexual related Crimes

Furry & Fife - Game Series
An ERO-MANIA platform game series featuring a pair of sex loving Bunny Detectives.

Price of Youth - Comic
A One-of ERO-MANIA comic. Largest single comic i had done at the time (32 pages) and while there are many faults, I`m fairly proud of it. Deals with Kimmie, a young (but legal) Gynmnast who feels cursed due to her young body and flat chest, making guys think she is a kid.

Cutie Thief Abigail - Movie Series
A Series of short Videos on, you guessed it, ERO-MANIA featuring a happless female thief that uses her body to get out of the many messies her lack of theivery skills get her into

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