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Tikal Echinda and Chaos Zero - Macro Shame

now.. this wasn't a request but an Idea Suggested by DanTails of the MSF. So really this should go here ^_^ I'll just post what the suggested Idea was and you can judge for yourself how well it went:
"Tikal was using the ME one day, for some odd reason, when suddenly Macroiznation and all. This rips her outfit, and Knuckles is nearby. She grabs the smaller, but not too small emerald, and uses it to try and cover her chest. Chaos 0 could help her, too, as he tries to cover her crotch"

CuteTikal_2016.png DynamicA3Tikal-Resize.jpg EmeraldCrisis.jpg Happyness.jpg LayAndSpread.jpg
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